John Owsley  (living 1811)

The earliest attempt to identify this family was in a chart by Harry Bryan Owsley (aka HBO) in his book, The Owsley Family in England and America 1635-1890, Chicago, 1890, p. 149.

JOHN OWSLEY was a resident of Halifax County, Virginia from 1784 to 1811, based upon the county personal property tax lists for that period. It is believed he was married to Jenah or Jeriah Gillentine. In early court records for Halifax County, the name Owsley was often interchangeably used with that of Oslin. It is difficult to ascertain which of these names was intended. HBO, p. 149, names the following six children as well as 26 grandchildren, but furnished only 3 birthdates and the names of 2 spouses. To this skeletal outline have been added many more details from censuses and county court records.

1. Ann/Anna Owsley. Married to _______ Hancock.

2. John Owsley. John Ousley, Jr. first appears 1819 in the personal property tax lists for Halifax County, perhaps an indication he had just reached the age of 21. Tabitha, Caroline, Mary and Moses were named as children of John Ousley in HBO (p. 149). On 31 July 1829, John Ousley indentured his daughter Coley, aged 6 years and 10 months, and his son James, aged 2 years and 6 months, to William Ousley. That same day, 31 July, he indentured his daughter Tabitha, aged 4 years and 8 months, to Lenzey Gibson. On 3 Aug 1829, he indentured his son Moses, aged 11 years and 9 months, to Joseph Mills. In the indentures, John Ousley's name is written as Ousler, Oosley and Ousley. Apparently, John's wife was dead and he was unable to support his children. To insure they did not become a burden on the township, the township trustees apprenticed them off. Married to Anna.

     2-1. Moses Ousley, born 25 Nov 1819 in Halifax Co., VA; died 22 Feb 1905. Moses Ousley, aged 11 years and 9 months, was apprenticed to Joseph Mills, on 3 Aug 1829. The Moses Ousley family was living 1860 in Jackson Township, Miami County, Indiana where Moses was recorded under the name Oosly and where his birthplace and those of his elder children were incorrectly recorded as North Carolina, 1870 in Houston Township, Houston County, Minnesota and 1880-1900 in Spring Valley, Fillmore County, Minnesota where Moses engaged in farming. Married (1) 25 Sept 1845 in Clinton Co., OH to Nancy Moon. Nancy was born 4 Sept 1820 in OH and died 27 Feb 1853. Married (2) 29 Jan 1854 to Maria (Ballenger) Marine, a widow, and the daughter of William and Jincy Virginia (Pluckett) Ballenger. On 6 May 1854, Maria Ousley (formerly Marine) married contrary to discipline and was condemned for her misconduct (Pipe Creek MM, Miami Co., IN). On 6 July 1861, Moses and minor children, Albert John, Mary Emily, Elizabeth Jane & David Clarkson were received by request of Moses and Mariah (Pipe Creek MM, Miami Co., IN). Mariah died 5 Oct 1903 in Spring Valley, Fillmore Co., MN.

     2-2. Caroline (Coley) Owsley, born Sept 1822 in Halifax Co., VA; died 1911 in Henry Co., VA. Coley Ousley, aged 6 years and 10 months, was indentured to William Ousley, believed to be her uncle, on 31 July 1829 until she reached the age of 18. Married 4 Nov 1842 in Highland Co., OH to John Hanley.

     2-3. Tabetha Owsley, born 17 May 1826 in Halifax Co., VA; died 18 Aug 1899 in Iowa. Married (1) 26 Dec 1844 in Clinton Co., OH to James Ellis (died about 1853). Married (2) 20 Dec 1856 in Henry Co., IL to Porter B. Dobbs (died about 1865). Married (3) about 1860 to D. F. Gaylord (died 1880/5).

     2-4. James Owsley, born Dec 1826. James Ousley, aged 2 years and 6 months, was indentured 31 July 1829 to his uncle William Ousley.

     2-5.Mary Owsley. Married 8 Jan 1841 in Clinton Co., OH to John Walton.

3. William Owsley born 1783. In 1827, he assumed responsibility for two of the children of his brother, John. HBO does not name a wife, but identifies one child.

     3-1. John Owsley.

4. Richard Owsley, born 13 Sept 1800 in Halifax Co., VA; died 19 Dec 1862. Living 1850 in Clinton Co., Ohio. Married to Elizabeth _______, born c1850 in VA; died 1864.

     4-1. Martha Ousley, born c1827 in Clinton Co., OH; living there 1850.

     4-2. Mary Owsley, born c1830 in Clinton Co., OH; living there 1850.

     4-3. John D. Owsley, born 11 July 1833 in Clinton Co., OH; died 31 May 1920, Leesburg, Highland Co., OH.

     4-4. Sarah (Sally) Owsley, born c1834 in Clinton Co., OH; living there 1850.

5. Reuben Owsley, born c1800. Married to Wimoth (Willie) McDowell, born c1809 in VA. The 1850 census of Halifax County, VA records Reuben Ousley as an illiterate pauper. His will was written 1883 (Halifax Co. Wills, 33: 303).

     5-1. Johanna W. Owsley, born c1833 in Halifax Co., VA; living 1 May 1883.

     5-2. Thomas Owsley, born c1834 in Halifax Co., VA; died 1860/1883.

     5-3. Mary Owsley, born c1840 in Halifax Co., VA; living 1 May 1883.

     5-4. Phoebe Clark Owsley, born c1846 in Halifax Co., VA; living 1 May 1883.

     5-5. Elizabeth Ann Owsley, born c1849 in Halifax Co., VA; living June 1860.

     5-6. Alice Owsley, born c1850 in Halifax Co., VA; living 1 May 1883.

     5-7. James William Owsley, born c1854 in Halifax Co., VA.

6. Samuel R. Ousley, born 17 Feb 1807 in Halifax Co., VA; died 27 Oct 1864 in Clinton Co., OH and was buried there in West Chapel Cemetery. On 12 Dec 1829, in Clinton Co. he married Lucy Betterton, daughter of Joshua and Mary (West) Betterton. Lucy was born 20 Jan 1811 in Pittsylvania, VA.

     6-1. Joshua B. Ousley, born 27 Sept 1830 in Clinton Co., OH; died 1912. He was a physician with a practice in Jacksonboro, OH. Married (1) to Kate Withrow, (2) Sarah _______.

     6-2. Caroline Ousley, born 7 Feb 1832 in Clinton Co., OH. Married to Jacob Pitzer.

     6-3. Mary Ann Ousley, born 24 Oct 1833. Married to Joshua Lieurance. Lieurance became a teacher, moved to Kansas, studied law, and practiced in Wichita, KS and Collbran, CO.

     6-4. Eliza Jane Ousley, born 3 Dec 1835; died unmarried.

     6-5. Lucinda Ousley, born 10 May 1838; died unmarried.

     6-6. George C. Ousley, born 16 April 1840 and resided in Preble Co., OH. Married to Melinda Leslie.

     6-7. John J. Ousley, born 14 Jan 1843. During the Civil War he served in Co. B, 88th Regt. Ohio Volunteers. Married Sept 1874 to Almeda Moon.

     6-8. James Harvey Ousley, born 11 Jan 1846; died 1915. Married to Mary Torrie.

     6-9. Amos G. Owsley, born 2 July 1848. Married 28 Apr 1879 to Nettie Powell.

     6-10. Margaret Ousley, born c1850. Married to Edward Sheeley.

     6-11. Charles Sullivan Ousley, born 2 July 1854 in Clinton Co., OH; died 12 Feb 1936 in Kansas City, MO and was buried there in Memorial Park Cemetery. Graduated in 1878 with a B.A. from Wilmington College. Admitted to the bar in Columbus, OH in 1881 and practiced law in Cincinnati. He moved to Kansas City, MO in 1882 and practiced law there. Recorder of Voters for Kansas City, 1890-1894. Married 10 May 1885 in Richmond, IN to Mary Elizabeth Thistlethwaite. Mary died 1 June 1928 and was buried in Memorial Park cemetery.

     6-12. Henrietta Ousley, born 25 Mar 1857. Married Joseph E. Baker.

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