The Ancestry of Dorothea Poyntz

for Five Generations


It is most unusual that a complete four generation ancestry can be compiled for someone born in 1631. But such is the case for Dorothea Poyntz, whose known ancestry includes both parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents and all sixteen great-great-grandparents. A total of 30 ancestors. This ancestry was first presented in the December 1990 issue of the Owsley Family Historical Society Newsletter. Further details have been added in the ensuing years. A bibliography to cited sources may be found at the end. (Updated from four to five generations on January 3, 2011.) 


1. DOROTHEA POYNTZ. Baptized 3 Jan 1631 at Benefield, Northamptonshire; died 2 Aug 1705 and was buried near her husband in Glooston Church, Leicestershire. She was married c1650 to Rev. JOHN OWSLEY. John Owsley was baptized 12 Dec 1630 at Shepton Beauchamp, Somersetshire and died 25 Dec 1687 at Glooston.


2. NEWDIGATE POYNTZ, of Benefield, Northamptonshire. Baptized 16 Nov 1608 at Reigate, co. Surrey; died 5 Aug 1643 at the siege of Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, by forces of Oliver Cromwell, while serving as a Captain in the Royal Army. His will, dated 26 Mar 1639, was proved 27 Feb 1645 and therein he requested he be "buried in the School at Benefield, it being part of the Church, near my first wife and our two children." Married 1stly, c1627: (BLG18, 1: 581; FP: 185-187, 198; PCC Wills: 34 Rivers)


3. SARAH FOXLEY. Buried at Benefield, Northamptonshire on 31 May 1636.


4. JOHN POYNTZ, of Reigate, co. Surrey. Baptized 8 Dec 1577 at Reigate; died after 20 Oct 1617. In 1607, he was described as a marshal unto King James I. He sold all of his property at various times between 5 Nov 1615 and 20 Oct 1617. FP: 137 states "It is however not unlikely that he was the John Poñtes who was ' living in Virginia in James Town (city) and with the Corporation thereof,' whose name is given in the index as Poyntz in Hotten's list of Apprentices and Emigrants, &c." This possible reference, in fact, relates to one John Pountis, mentioned in early Virginia records as Poynts, Poynes, and Poyne, subsequently Vice Admiral of Virginia, who died in 1624 and whose will of 1618 makes it clear the two men were not identical. Married 27 July 1598: (BLG18, 1: 581; FP: 135-138, 156)


5. ANNE SYDENHAM. Living 1634. As a result of serious differences, Anne had obtained a divorce from her husband by 31 Oct 1613.


6. FRANCIS FOXLEY, of Harringworth, Northamptonshire. Died 7 Dec 1617. His will of 24 Nov 1617 was proved 19 June 1619. (BLG18, 1: 581; FP: 185; HNO, 1: 6, 2: 6, 31; PCC Wills: 53 Parker; VNO: 90)


7. MARY DRYDEN. Died before 24 Nov 1617, not being named in her husband's will of that date. She bore her husband 7 sons and 6 daughters. Francis and Mary Foxley were named in the 1584 will of Mary's father.


8. WILLIAM POYNTZ, of Reigate, co. Surrey. Born probably at Alderley, Gloucestershire; died in 1601, by 25 Apr, at Reigate. Founded the family of Poyntz of Reigate. Married 23 May 1569 at Reigate: (BLG18, 1: 581; FP: 134-135, 156)


9. ELIZABETH NEWDIGATE. Her will of 5 May 1601 was proved 17 June 1602. (PCC Wills: 58 Montague)


10. JOHN SYDENHAM, the younger, of Nympsfield, Gloucestershire. His will of 21 Nov 1590 was proved 5 Jan 1591. Married after 1581: (BLG18, 1: 581; FP: 96, 135, 269; HSF: 133, 134; PCC Wills: 1 Sainberbe)


11. MARY POYNTZ. Buried 7 Oct 1591 at Iron Acton, Gloucestershire. Her will of 4 Feb 1591 was proved 27 Nov 1591. (PCC Wills: 87 Sainberbe)


12. JOHN FOXLEY, of Foxley, Northamptonshire. Died 15 Mar 1562. (HNO, 2: 30; HP/1509: 2: 455; NEHGR, 71: 241; VNO: 90)


13. MARGARET JOCELYN (JOSSELIN). She and her husband were heirs to all of her father's property as per his will of 1553.


14. JOHN DRYDEN, of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire. Died 30 Sept 1584. His will of 15 Aug 1584 directed his burial in Ashby Church, "near unto the place where John Cope, knight, is buried," adding "And although I doe not allow of pomp in burials, yet for some reasonable considerations I will that the stone that I have already prepared shall be layede upon my grave, and my arms and my wyve's graven in brasse thereupon." Married 1551: (BP105: 838; FP: 185; HAN, 1: 224-225; HNO, 1: 5; PCC Wills: 24 Watson; VNO: 178) He was the grandfather of Mrs. Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643) of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York, and great-grandfather of the poet John Dryden (1631-1700).


15. ELIZABETH COPE. Living 15 Aug 1584 when her husband composed his will directing she and their eldest son, Erasmus, advise and counsel the younger children in their marriages when they come of age.


16. JOHN POYNTZ, of Alderley, Gloucestershire. Born c1485; died 29 Nov 1544. His will of 1 June 1544, with a codicil added 7 June 1544, was proved 11 Dec 1544. Shortly after adding the codicil to his will, he left with the army for the invasion of France and may have perished in that expedition. Sewer to Queen Catherine of Aragon, 1520; Burgess to the House of Commons for the Borough of Devizes, Wiltshire, 1529; Justice of the Peace for Gloucestershire, 1529-1544. Married 2ndly: (BLG18, 1: 581; FP: 113-115, 131; HP/1509, 3: 147-148; PCC Wills: 19 Pynnyng)


17. MARGARET SAUNDERS (SANDER). Her will of 22 Sept 1563 was proved 4 July 1564 and therein named her children by John Poyntz. She remarried following the death of John Poyntz. (PCC Wills: 22 Stevenson)


18. THOMAS NEWDIGATE, of Wivelsfield, co. Sussex. Buried at Wivelsfield on 16 Oct 1559. His will of 4 Apr 1559 was proved 11 Dec 1559. (FP: 135, 156; PCC Wills: 22 Mellershe; VBU: 70; VCH, Sussex, 7: 123; VSU: 27)


19. KATHERINE HAMPDEN. Died c1563 holding a tithe to Wivelsfield Church.


20. Sir JOHN SYDENHAM, of Brimpton, Somersetshire. Born 1494, died 16 Apr 1557. His will of 8 Apr 1557 was proved 21 May 1557. Justice of the Peace for Somersetshire, 1543-1557; served in the French campaign of 1544; Sheriff of Somersetshire and Dorsetshire, 1546-1547 and 1554-1555; knighted 3 Nov 1549; Knight of the Shire for Somerset, 1554. (BEB: 516; FP: 269; HP/1509, 3: 414-415; HSF: 119-136; LI, 9: 124; MGH, 2(3): 327; PCC Wills: 15 Wrastley; PW, 2: 168)


21. URSULA BRIDGES (BRUGGE). Her will of 31 Oct 1575 was proved in Feb 1576. (PCC Wills: 55 Pyckering)


22. Sir NICHOLAS POYNTZ, of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire. Born c1528 (HP) or c1535 (FP); died 1 Sept 1585 at Iron Acton. His will of 22 June 1585 was proved 15 Feb 1587. Knight of the Bath, Jan 1559; Burgess to the House of Commons from the Borough of Totnes, Devonshire, 1559; Sheriff of Gloucestershire, 1569-1570, and Knight of the Shire for Gloucester, 1571. Married 1stly, 1555: (BEB: 545; BLG18, 1: 580; FP: 79-82, 96; HP/1509: 3: 243; LI, 9: 51; PCC Wills: 42 Brudenell; PW, 2: 115; VBU: 123)


23. ANNE VERNEY. Died before 1575.


24. THOMAS FOXLEY, of Foxley, Northamptonshire. Born 1496; buried 10 Feb 1561 at Blakesley, Northamptonshire. (BEB: 323; EBAR, 4: 91; GMCC, 1: 56; HNO, 2: 31; VNO: 90)


25. MARGARET LOVETT. Buried 8 Feb 1550 at Blakesley, Northamptonshire.


26. JOHN JOCELYN (JOSSELIN), of Thornborough, Buckinghamshire. Born c1490. His will of 18 Aug 1553 was proved 13 Nov 1554. Therein he stated he and his wife were ill and directed his burial in the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, Buckingham. Serjeant of the Pantry, by 1532-1553; served in the French campaign of 1544; Knight of the Shire for Buckingham, 1545 and 1547. Married by 1532: (COL6, 2: 405-406; HP/1509, 2: 454-455; NEHGR, 71: 241; PCC Wills: 11 More; VE: 229; VNO: 90)


27. ANNE GRENVILLE. Died 18 Aug 1553/13 Nov 1554. A gentlewoman of the Queen's household in 1532.


28. DAVID DRYDEN, of Staffe Hill, co. Cumberland. (BP105: 838; HAN, 1: 224; VNO: 178)




30. Sir JOHN COPE, of Canons Ashby, Northamptonshire. Died 22 Jan 1558. His will of 2 July 1557, was proved 20 May 1558. In 1538 he purchased Canons Ashby from Sir Francis Bryan and became a grazier and wool producer. Justice of the Peace for Northamptonshire, 1543-1558; served in the French campaign of 1544; Sheriff of Northamptonshire, 1545-1546; Knight of the Shire for Northampton, 1547; knighted May 1549/Mar 1550. Married 1stly: (HP/1509, 1: 693-694; LI, 9: 94; NEHGR, 145: 18-19; PCC Wills: 25 Noodes; VNO: 175; PW, 2: 77)


31. BRIDGET RALEIGH. Died before June 1542 by which time her husband was married to his third wife.


32.  Sir ROBERT POYNTZ, of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire.  Born c1450; died 4 Nov 1520.  His will of 19 Oct 1520, proved on an unrecorded date, directed hus burial "in the church of the Gaunts beside Bristol, in the Chapel of Jesus which I lately have caused to be new edified & made at my cost & charges, on the South side of the Chancel, & my Exor to provide a marble stone to be laid over the vault with the dates of their decease."  Sheriff of Gloucestershire 1468-1469, 1481-1482, 1485-1486, 1492-1493, 1496-1497 and 1501-1502.  Knighted at the battle of Bosworth Field (Wars of the Roses), immediately after King Richard III was slain, 22 Aug 1485.  Made Knight Banneret at the battle of Redmore, 1485.  Chancellor and Privy Councillor to Queen Catherine of Aragon.  Married before 1480:  (BLG18, 1: 580; DNB, 21: 884; FP: 62-66, 95; LI, 9: 50PCC Wills: 28 Ayloffe)


33.  MARGARET WOODVILLE.  Died before 19 Oct 1520.


34.  NICHOLAS SAUNDERS (SANDER), of Charlwood, co. Surrey.  Died 29 Aug 1553 and buried in the Parish Church of Charlwood.  Married 1504:  (BLG18, 1: 581, 619; FP: 115; MGH, 5(8): 109-110; VCH, Surrey, 3: 24)


35.  ALICE HUNGATE.  Buried in the Parish Church of Charlwood.


36.  WALTER NEWDIGATE.  (FP: 156; VSU: 26)




38.  Sir JOHN HAMPDEN, of Great Hampden, Buckinghamshire.  Died 24 Dec 1553.  His will of 21 June 1553 was proven 6 Nov 1554 and directed his burial in Great Hampden Church.  Knighted before 1513 in which year he was with the royal fleet in command of "The Saviour."  (MB: 24; PCC Wills: 11 More; VCH, Buckinghamshire, 2: 288)


39.  ELIZABETH SAVAGE.  She predeceased her husband as stated in his will.


40.  JOHN SYDENHAM, of Brimpton, Somersetshire.  Born c1468.  His will of 3 Apr 1540 was proved 11 Apr 1543.  Sheriff of Somersetshire and Dorsetshire, 1505-1506, and Justice of the Peace, 1506-1509.  (BEB: 516; HSF: 117-119; LI, 9: 124; MGH, 3(3): 326)


41.  ELIZABETH AUDLEY.  Her will was proved 5 Sept 1559.


42.  Sir GILES BRUGGE (BRIDGES), of Coberley, Gloucestershire.  Born before 1462; died 1 Dec 1511.  His will of 20 Nov 1511 was proved 18 Feb 1512 and directed his burial at Coberley.  Knighted for valor at the battle of Blackheath, 22 June 1497.  Sheriff of Gloucestershire, 1499-1500.  (CP, 3: 152; DNB, 3: 163; LI, 9: 50; MB: 71; PCC Wills: 21 Fetiplace)


43.  ISABEL BAYNHAM.  Living 1 Dec 1511.


44.  Sir NICHOLAS POYNTZ, of Iron Acton, Gloucestershire.  Born by 1510; died 27/28 Nov 1556.  His will of 26 Feb 1556 was proved 8 July 1557.  Fought in Ireland, 1534; knighted Apr 1535/Oct 1536; Sheriff of Gloucestershire, 1539-1540 and 1545-1546; Groom of the Bedchamber to the King, 1539; captain of the Gret Calais, 1544 and Vice-Admiral of the Western Seas, 1544; Knight of the Shire for Gloucester, 1547.  Imprisoned in the Tower of London, 26 Oct 1551-4 Mar 1552; Burgess to the House of Commons from Cricklade, Wiltshire, 1555.  Several paintings of Poyntz after a drawing by Holbein survive.  Married 24 June 1527 at Yate, Gloucestershire:  (BLG18, 1: 580; FP: 71-74, 95; HP/1509, 3: 148-149; LI, 9: 51; PCC Wills: 22 Wrastley)


45.  JOAN BERKELEY.  She survived her husband to marry Sir Thomas Dyer, who mistreated her so badly that it caused her death on 31 Mar 1563.


46.  Sir RALPH VERNEY, of Pendley, Hertfordshire and Fleet Marston and Middle Claydon, Buckinghamshire.  Born 1510; died 26 Apr 1546 and buried first at Ashridge Monastary, removed to Aldbury, Hertfordshire in 1576.  He left a will dated 13 Sept 1543 with a codicil made 10 Sept 1544.  Sheriff of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire, 1540-1541, being then a knight; fought in Scotland, 1543-1544.  Married 1528:  (BEB: 545; BLG18, 1: 580; FP: 75; HAB, 1: 179; LI, 9: 3; PW, 2: 168; VCH, Buckinghamshire, 4: 33, 74; VER: 50-56)


47.  ELIZABETH BRAY.  Born 1513; she remarried thrice and died 1573.


48.  JOHN FOXLEY, of Foxley, Northamptonshire.  Died 9 Jan 1536.  (HNO, 2: 31)


49.  ELIZABETH.  Died 4 July 1535.


50.  THOMAS LOVETT, of Astwell and Strixton, Northamptonshire.  Born 29 Sept 1473 at Astwell and baptised at Wappenham Church, Northamptonshire, when Thomas Billinge, Chief Justice of the King's Bench, was his godfather; died 14 Dec 1542 and buried at Wappenham Church.  His will of 20 Nov 1542, was proved 19 Dec 1542.  Sheriff of Northamptonshire 1505-1506.  Married 1stly, by 1491: (CIPM, Hen VII, 1: no. 1208 [proof of age]; EBAR, 4: 91; GMCC, 1: 55-56; LI, 9: 93; MB: 160; MGH, 5(7): 206; PCC Wills: 14 Spert; VCH, Northamptonshire, 4: 55)


51.  ELIZABETH BOTELER (BUTLER).  Died before 1514 and buried at Wappenham Church.  Thomas Lovett's marriage had been sold in his extreme youth by his father to John Boteler, Esq, who still owed £100 of the purchase money in 1491 when the elder Lovett wrote his will.


52.  RALPH JOCELYN, of Hyde Hall, Hertfordshire.  Born c1455; died 23 Nov 1504.  His father settled the manor of Hyde Hall on him in 1480 as he was about to marry. Justice of the Peace for Hertfordshire, 1486-1504.  (CIPMH, 3: no. 933; NEHGR, 71: 241; VCH, Hertfordshire, 3: 341; VE: 224, 229)


53.  CATHERINE MARTIN.  Living 1513.  Coheiress of her father.


54.  RICHARD GRENVILLE, of Wotton Underwood, Buckinghamshire and Chelmescote, Warwickshire.  Died 8 Oct 1517.  His will, written on the date of his death, directed his burial in Wooton Church.  (COL6, 2: 405-406; HAB, 1: 596-597, 600; HP/1509, 2: 455)


55.  JOAN LITTLETON.  She survived her husband.


56.  WILLIAM DRYDEN, of Walton, co. Cumberland. Described in BP105: 838 as the first member of the Dryden family upon record.


57.  N.N.


58.  WILLIAM NICHOLSON, of Staffe Hill, co. Cumberland.  (BP105: 838; HAN, 1: 224; VNO: 178)


59.  N.N.


60.  WILLIAM COPE, of Banbury and Hanwell, Oxfordshire.  Born c1450; died 7 Apr 1513.  His will of 7 Feb 1513 was proved 24 May 1513 and directed his burial at Banbury Church.  Member of Parliament as Burgess from Ludgershall, Wiltshire, 1491-1492; Serjeant of the Catery, 1493; Cofferer to Henry VII, 1495-1509; purchased Hanwell Manor, 1498; Justice of the Peace for co. Surrey, 1501-1513, and for Oxfordshire, 1502-1513; Serjeant of the Poultry, 1510; Constable of Porchester Castle, June 1509; Secretary to the Duchess of Savoy, 1513.  Married 2ndly, before 1496:  (BP105: 639; HNO, 1: 748; HP/1439, 1: 219-220; MGH, 3(4): 208; NEHGR, 145: 18; PCC Wills: 12 Fetiplace; VCH, Oxfordshire, 9: 115)


61.  JANE SPENCER.  She remarried and died 12 Feb 1525.  (CIPMH, 2: no. 245 [father])


62.  EDWARD RALEIGH, of Farnborough, Warwickshire.  Born c1470; died 1508.  His will of 25 Aug 1507 was proved in 1508.  Married 1496-1505:  (NEHGR, 145: 18-20; PCC Wills: 5 Bennett; PW, 2: 175)


63.  ANNE CHAMBERLAIN.  Not yet of age when her father wrote his will, 18 Aug 1496.  She survived her husband, remarried, and survived the death of her second husband in 1530. 






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